Is there a register of qualified lawyers and, if so, how can it be accessed?

Each bar affiliation keeps up its own, autonomous open register of qualified legal advisors. The register of the Bar Association of Madrid, for example, can be gotten to by means of the bar’s site (, by tapping on Ventanilla Única, and afterward on Consulta de Registro de Colegiados (see box, Online assets).

13. Is enrollment of a national bar affiliation, law society or comparable required?

Enrollment of a bar affiliation is a pre-imperative to rehearsing as an attorney. There are 83 bar relationship in Spain; each of these furnishes legal counselors and residents with guiding administrations and legitimate guide.

The contact subtleties of the principle bar relationship in Spain are:

Bar Association of Madrid: T +34 917 88 93 80; E; W

Bar Association of Barcelona: T +34 93 496 18 80; W

Bar Association of Oviedo: T +34 985 21 23 70; E; W

Bar Association of Sevilla: T +34 95 450 27 57; W

Bar Association of Toledo: T +34 925 22 32 67; E; W  Abogado in

Bar Association of Zaragoza: T +34 976 20 42 20; W

14. Is there a free disciplinary court, and what disciplinary forces do the important administrative bodies have? What authorizations are accessible?

Spanish legal counselors are dependent upon disciplinary approval in the event that they neglect to meet their deontological and expert commitments. The dignitary (Decano) and the decision body (Junta de Gobierno) of the bar affiliations can force such disciplinary authorizations.

The General Council of Spanish Bar Associations has disciplinary control over the individuals from the decision assemblages of the bars and, where built up by law, over the individuals from the bar gatherings of the Spanish self-sufficient locales. It additionally has disciplinary control over its individuals.

Disciplinary punishments are named being minor, genuine or intense encroachments. The punishments that can be forced are:

Private censure and composed admonition, for minor encroachments.

Suspension from training for a period not surpassing three months, for genuine encroachments.

Suspension from training for over a quarter of a year as long as two years or disbarment, for intense encroachments.

What’s more, the courts have disciplinary control over legal advisors under general procedural law. Any disciplinary punishments forced by the courts on a legal advisor are set on the legal counselor’s very own record in the event that they legitimately concern the Rules of Professional Conduct that must be seen during court appearances.

15. Is reimbursement protection compulsory for rehearsing legal counselors? Provided that this is true, what is the base degree of spread required and are there any obligatory terms?

No, repayment protection isn’t obligatory for rehearsing legal advisors in Spain. Legal advisors must have the option to cover their potential common obligation either from their own methods or by method of proper protection (article 21, CD).

16. What are the guidelines on irreconcilable circumstances?

The principles on irreconcilable situations are contained in the RDEGA and the CD. The essential principles are:

A legal advisor can’t double-cross the certainty of their customer and must not guard any interests that contention with those of the customer.

In the event that there is an irreconcilable situation between two customers, the legal counselor must stop to speak to them two except if the two customers give express agree to the proceeded with portrayal of any of them.

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